docker 部署了gitlab,也用了一段时间,突然有一天宕机了,重新启动,过一会儿容器状态显示unhealthy

Thank you for using GitLab Docker Image!
Current version: gitlab-ee=13.12.2-ee.0

Configure GitLab for your system by editing /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file
And restart this container to reload settings.
To do it use docker exec:

docker exec -it gitlab vim /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb
docker restart gitlab

For a comprehensive list of configuration options please see the Omnibus GitLab readme

If this container fails to start due to permission problems try to fix it by executing:

docker exec -it gitlab update-permissions
docker restart gitlab

Cleaning stale PIDs & sockets
Preparing services…
Starting services…
Configuring GitLab…
Starting Chef Infra Client, version 15.14.0